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Working with diisocyanates

Working with diisocyanates

This basic course is available in Polish and English language. Everyone who uses diisocyanates or solutions containing it must undergo training, and such training must be documented. Used in insulation, as adhesives and as surface treatment, among others.

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Man with mask and safety suit spray-painting indoors.
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This course is available in both Polish and English language. All exposed persons, as well as their managers, must complete the basic training. In addition to this basic training, extended training at levels 2 and 3 is required for those with risk conditions that indicate that it is necessary.

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Extended training

By law, if the work with diisocyanates entails a moderate or greatly increased risk, the basic course must be supplemented with additional training.

Every company handling chemicals must have a substance index with information about all substances stored and used in the company. In the individual safety data sheets, you can find if diisocyanates are part of any of these products. For companies in need of extended training, Avonova offers company internal webinars that build on the basic course.

Such extended training takes about 60-90 minutes.

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