Updated General Terms 15.02

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Updated General Terms 15.02

General Terms and Conditions Update

AVONOVA notifies you of updating the General Terms and Conditions, Data Processing Agreements and product description ASSOCIATED WITH AVONOVA ASSIST.

For all  agreements entered into with  Avonova  after  15th. February 2022, the terms and conditions signed by the parties apply.

Avonova is continuously working to improve the quality of its services, develop new features and services, and last but not least to ensure compliance with statutory requirements. We have therefore revised several documents related to our product and delivery.

  • Avonova Terms of Service and General Terms and Conditions
  • Product Description and Terms of Service Avonova Assist
  • Data processing agreement
  • Service Level Agreement

Please note that no changes are made to data processing agreements that have been negotiated separately and have been entered into on special terms.

The amendments that appearare of a linguistic nature to clarify the various roles and parties to the agreements. Furthermore, the product and services are described in more detail and more clearly.

In accordance with a provision of the General Terms and Conditions, Avonova shall notify customers in writing one month in advance. Avonova  therefore announces that the changes will take effect on 15th of february 2022. You don't have to do anything.

The updated legal documents and further information about the changes can be found here:

Norwegian terms:

Norwegian product description:

English terms:

English product description:

You will find the Data Processing Agreement and service level agreement (SLA) under "My Pages" on your business profile in Avonova Digital.

If you have any questions, please contact us at kundeservice@avonova.no


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