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You accept the following terms when ordering courses from Avonova.

Course registration

Data you register when registering for our courses will be stored in the course system. This information will be used in connection with course information and invoicing.  In addition, we ask you to provide information about possible allergies and the need for facilitation.

Avonova is the data controller for the processing of personal data. To carry out the booking of meeting facilities and make and manage registration from participants to Avonova's courses.

Upon course registration, the data subject agrees that different types of personal data are registered in our course systems and case management system Avonvoa Solutions AS uses to perform its services. Information such as name, address, telephone number, email address (essential data) is stored. In addition, other relevant information contained in the inquiry also is stored. Registration, storage and storage occur according to archival legislation and subsequent requirements according to accreditation, designation or certification where relevant. The case documents may also contain sensitive personal data.

In the event of an access request, personal data will be disclosed within one month.

Special security measures and procedures have been established for highly protective information in the archive, such as sensitive personal data.

Please note that access requests are kept (archived) in our quality system.

In connection with the registration of customer data, only the necessary data is stored to safeguard the customer's interest, enter into customer agreements, send offers and more. Data for email marketing is carried out following the Marketing Act and the GENERAL DATA Protection Regulation.


All course registrations are binding and are invoiced immediately after ordering. Invoices are generally issued within one week after the order has been received, with 20 days due. Exceptions for enterprises subject to other payment conditions (foreign invoice receipts, international parent companies, municipalities/county authorities).

Registration deadline and payment

Courses have no deadline for registration, and participants can register as long there are available course places. All classes are always invoiced in advance of the course date, except where bookings have occurred shortly before the course starts.


In the event of a cancellation of the course place, there is a fee of NOK 1500,-. If the course place is cancelled almost three weeks before the start of the course, the full course fee will be charged.


It is possible to change the course location/course date free of charge up to one week before the class starts. A rebooking after this will be charged at a fee of NOK 1000,-

When changing the course location/course date, the original invoice must always be paid according to the due date, and fees will be invoiced in a separate voucher.

The right to free rebooking and rebooking for a fee expires 12 months after the original booked course date.


There is no VAT on our open courses; VAT is added to online courses HSE for managers (e-learning) and HSE course package (e-learning).


If you regret your order or have objections regarding order conditions, please contact us within 24 hours or within the first business day after your order has been placed. All requests regarding the withdrawal period must be made in writing by email to the kundeservice@avonova.no

Changes to the order

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the correct company and contact information is registered during the order. The same applies to the contact details of the course participant. If this is not correctly registered, Avonova cannot guarantee that the participant will be sent relevant information in advance and after the course participation.

Change of planned courses

Avonova reserves the right to cancel courses and will notify all participants in advance. We disclaim responsibility for travel costs associated with a planned course participation and will not refund them.

Avonova also reserves the right to change the stated course location and will notify all participants in advance.

Avonova also makes reservations for changes in the stated trainer/lecturer; this will not be notified in advance of the course.

Payment reminder / Debt Collection

Avonova cooperates with CrediCare AS on the follow-up of unpaid invoices. If we do not receive their payment within 14 days of maturity, the claim will be submitted to CrediCare AS, sending reminders and following up the claim further.

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