Introduction to HSE

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Introduction to HSE

Introduction to HSE is a two-day health, safety and environment course provided by Avonova. This course also includes an e-learning module to be completed individually following the two-day course.

According to The Norwegian Work Environment Act (Arbeidsmiljøloven), safety representatives (verneombud) and members of the working environment committee (arbeidsmiljøutvalg) are required to complete 40-hours HSE-training. The two-day course and the e-learning module together provide this required training. The course also covers the HSE-requirements for employers, although the e-learning module is not mandatory for employers or safetey representatives/working envirnoment committee members with arrangements for shorter training. Many union representatives and others with central HSE-roles also choose to complete the introduction to HSE-course.

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Mer om kurset

More information about the HSE-course

Everyone in the workplace, from employer to employee, safety representatives and members of the working environment committee, play important roles in health, safety and enviroment issues. Are you familiar with the responsibilities and tasks related to the different roles?

Participants of the Introduction to HSE course will receive a comprehensive overview of the HSE-topics of The Working Environment Act (WEA) and its regulations. In order to gain thorough understanding of how working environment issues can be carried out in a practical manner, the course uses different methods like dialogue, group work and experience from the participants. The course also focuses on the different roles within HSE and their tasks and responsibility with regards to the working environment. The course emphasizes how good HSE-work can be achieved through dialogue, employee participation and cooperation between different parties.

A central part of HSE-work within the organization is training. By undertaking this course, your organization can increase their HMS-competency and be able to meet the requirements set by the WEA and its regulations. This course meets the requirements set by the WEA related to training of safety representatives, members of the working environment committee and the employer.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for anyone who is required to undergo 40-hours training:

  • Safety representatives
  • Senior safety representatives
  • Members of the working environment committee; represented from both the employer and employee side

The course is also suitable for others that require HSE-training:

  • Employers
  • Managers
  • HR-personnel
  • HSE-personnel
  • Union representatives
  • Employees charged with directing or supervising others
  • ….and anyone else who requires or would like to increase their competency in HSE-issues

Course content

The course consists of two parts:

  1. Part one is at two-day classroom course. During the two days the participants are encouraged to participate in questions, discussions and practical group assignments with emphasis on learning by experience, group participation and reflections on the various topics. The group itself is a great resource due to all the experience that is gathered in one place. An experienced instructor will lead the participants through all the topics covered. Part one is mandatory for everyone.

Duration: 2 days, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


  1. Part two is a web-based e-learning module. It is included in the total price and is made available for the participants the week following completion of part one of the course. Part one and two comprise the 40-hour HSE-course.


NB: Participants who are not required to complete 40 hours training may choose to complete only part one of the course. (According to legislation the duration of training shall be at least 40 hours. However, it may be agreed that training less than 40 hours is acceptable, if the involved parties reach the conclusion that it is justifiable due to an assessment of their specific working environment problem areas and scope.)

Upon completion of the HSE-course the participants will receive a diploma documenting their training. Participants who complete the entire course will receive documentation for 40-hours training. Those who participate only in part one (two days classroom course) will receive documentation for two days’ training.

Topics covered in the course

The course offers an introduction to The Working Environment Act and its regulations. All central topics are covered during the classroom part of the course. These topics are repeated in the e-learning module, and may provide in-depth knowledge of certain topics. During the course the participants will be able to test their understanding of the topics covered:

  • What is HSE?
  • The Working Environment Act and its regulations
  • The different roles, tasks and responsibilities relevant to the working environment
  • The regulation on systematic HSE work and internal notification procedures
  • Work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Systematic HSE-work in practice
  • Assessing the work environment
  • Risk assessments
  • Action plans (follow-up of risk and deviations)
  • Physical / chemical / biological working environment
  • Ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Psychosocial and organisational working environment
  • Leave of absence and follow-up of sick leave
  • Addiction in the workplace – prevention and follow-up

Preexisting knowledge

No preexisting knowledge is required to undertake Introduction to HSE. This is a course designed for those with little or no HSE-experience, however, it may also provide in-depth knowledge for those with some HSE-experience. On the first day of the course the participants will receive a coursebook with useful resources to use during and after the course.


For Staminas occupational health customers: 7290,- pr. participant
Non-customers: 7790,- pr. participant

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