HSE for managers (e-learning)

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HSE for managers (e-learning)

Mandatory HSE course for managers as e-learning. The course follows the same structure as standard HSE courses, but is webbased. Contains text, audio, images, animations, video and games ++ in order to be both educational and engaging.

Mer om kurset

The purpose of the training is to provide the employer necessary understanding of what the health, safety and environment work involves, including working systematically, and why it is important. The training supports the organisation and enables the employer to see, think and act in such a way as to ensure the health, safety and environment work, making it an asset for the company.

Target audience

The traning is intended for CEOs, line managers and other employees having responsibility for personnel. The Working Environment Act, section 3-5: The employer’s obligation to undergo training in health, environment and safety work. The Working Environment Act, section 3-2b: Employees charged with directing or supervising other employees shall have the necessary competence to ensure that the work is performed in a proper manner with regard to health and safety.


  • Legislation and roles in the HSE work
  • Systematic HSE work
  • Psychosocial & organisational work environment
  • Physical working environment factors

Educational forms

Contains text, sounds, images, animations, movies, games and more, giving you both great educational value, and interactivity.

We all learn in different ways, which are reflected in our courses.

Estimated time to complete: 3-5 hours.

Print your course certificate after completion. The course will be available for 12 months after the date of purchase. You will only require a computer with internet access.

Reporting module

If several people from your organisation will undergo training in the HSE for managers e-learning product, we provide a user-friendly and insightful reporting module.

Using this tool, the organisation’s HSE personnel are able to track progress for courses completed, and will also have access to all course certificates for documentation purposes.

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