Ergonomics for the Home Office

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Ergonomics for the Home Office

Ergonomics is not just about how to prevent musculoskeletal injuries by adapting the working environment to the worker. It also deals with the psychological factors in the workplace. How we work affects our experience of work. In this course you will be presented with tools to help you adjust your working environment when working from home.

Find the Norwegian version of this course about ergonomics here. 

In the following video we will provide a brief introduction to the importance of good ergonomics, and a some of what you can expect from the course. 

Mer om kurset

This brief course is indented to serve as a toolbox for people working from home. Hence, the theory behind ergonomics is very much absent from the course, as this course has been streamlined for the practical application of ergonomics for the home office. The participant will thus be presented with tips and tricks for setting up their home office with their well-being in mind.

will benefit from this course?

Anyone who work from a home office.

is the participant left with after the course?

The course is comprised of eight brief lessons, where each lesson addresses a central component of what we understand by working environment.


  • Introduction

  • Desk

  • Chair

  • Keyboard

  • Screen

  • Lightning and Climate

  • Variation and Stretching

  • Breathe!

How is this course organized

This course is provided as a digital course, where the participant will be given access to a course platform. The participant will be able to access the course at one’s convenience. The course consists of one chapter, which in turn consists of eight lessons. The lessons are given as short videos, approximately one minute in length. There is a brief introductory text in the first lesson.



Time: 25 minutes

Type: Digitalt course

Suits for: Anyone who work from a home office

Certificate: No

Plays on: Laptop, Tablet, Mobile

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“Work-related musculoskeletal injuries are the leading cause of absence from the workplace.*


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